As trusted advisers, we work to understand your unique needs and simplify the complicated process of selecting Medicare coverage. Your advisor can remove a significant burden during the Medicare plan selection process by providing the knowledge and guidance to help you confidently choose the plan that’s right for you.

  1. Who is my Advisor and what can they do for me?

    Your Advisor is licensed by the state and certified to educate and answer questions as it relates to Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D; as well as Medicare Supplements (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage plans (Part C). The advisor assigned to you is responsible for making sure all of your questions are answered now and if you have any problems or issues in the future you will be able call upon the same advisor. As a Medicare recipient you have two options that help “fill in the gaps” of your Medicare benefits. This is where most find the largest source of frustration. Your advisor is responsible for explaining both of them to you in a clear and effective manner. After you understand Medicare and your two options, you will feel confident in moving forward to discuss companies and plans. If you have a specific company or plan you are interested in, your advisor will go into detail regarding your plan choice making sure you are aware its strengths and weaknesses. If you prefer your advisor to do the work on your behalf, simply ask for a local review of the plans available in your area. This will be done at no cost to you. Your advisor will give you a recommendation based on the lowest cost and best coverage available. Lastly, and certainly not the least is the security of knowing your advisor will be with you for years to come. Whether you have a problem at a doctor’s office, pharmacy or a claim that hasn’t been paid, your advisor is there to help you. Simply pick up the phone and you have the assistance you need. Knowing that there are changes coming to Medicare in the near future is a large reason our clients find confidence having a knowledgeable independent advisor who can assist when those changes come.

  2. How much is my advisor going to cost me?

    Your advisor will not cost you anything. We do not charge fees for our service. By mandatory state law your advisor will be licensed, certified, and insured; meeting stringent background checks. For your protection states require all types of insurance (home owners, auto, life, health) discussions to be held by a licensed agent or broker. The premium of insurance, specifically Medicare insurance in our case, is approved by each state based on Age, Gender and Tobacco usage and is offered to all at the same price. No insurance Company, Agency, or Broker is allowed to charge more or less premium to an individual for any reason. Whether you call your chosen insurance company direct, meet with their local agent or deal with an independent advisor like ours, you will pay the same amount. This is where our clients find irreplaceable value in our service. When your advisor makes a recommendation, it is based on the merit of the plans price and benefits; it has no bearing on the name of the company. Therefore we have no allegiance to ANY insurance company. Our loyalty and commitment is to you. As a result, if the company that you choose now makes a policy or premium change that is not in your best interest, we may recommend you change to another company.

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